Folding reception counter structure

Counter 60 Premium

Counter 60 Premium

The first 100% Oak folding counter!

The 60 Premium counter is a folding structure in oak wood with a Nature varnish finish and an invisible central hinge, guaranteeing durability and aesthetics .

Designed in France , this structure is produced in the European Union from wood from sustainably managed forests.

Concerned about our future, NaturalDisplay® strives to limit as much as possible the use of non-recyclable materials in its products.


Why choose a Natural Display model?

By choosing a model from the Natural Display range, recognizable by its pyrographed logo, you are guaranteed an eco-responsible European manufacturing where each step and each material has been checked and validated by our design office.

Our models are unique, exclusive and registered with the European Union Office for Intellectual Property.

We have put quality and ecology at the heart of our mission to offer you reliable, durable products that respect the world of tomorrow.

How to make the visuals suitable for counter 60

Visual fastening system by rod
A fabric fastening system by rod is integrated into the front face and both sides of the structure. The canvas is tensioned quickly, without tools and the integration is perfect.

Production templates for visual files and a product sheet are available at the bottom of the page.

Model registered with EUIPO under number 007981667

Compare the models Comptoir 60  and Comptoir 60 PREMIUM :


Wood species

Central hinges

Side hinges



100% beech

Visible on the front

2 per side, normal



100% Oak

Invisible and reinforced

3 per side, reinforced








Folded product
H 100 x W 18 x D 50 cm

Unfolded product
H 102 x W 60 x D 50 cm

Central melamine shelf
Thickness 2cm, natural color
Position at 65cm height from the ground

Product packaged in individual carton format H22 x L104 x W52 cm. 10 units per Pallet.


21 kgs

visual sizes

Front : H92 x L43,5 cm

Side : H92 x L37,5 cm

Transport bag option

L 112 x l 51 x. P 24 cm
Oxford fabrics, reinforced corners, Zip on 3 sides, exterior label pocket and 38mm canvas handles